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#liveimmortal #liveliveunafraid

Ka'ena Point, O'ahu 

Wherever your journey takes you, remember it’s the how and not the why you chose to embark on that adventure. The next time you immortalize your adventure with a photo, tag it  

# l i v e i m m o r t a l ! If that journey was out of your comfort zone, tag it # l i v e l i f e u n a f r a i d ! It's just as the saying goes "Life is too short to be stuck in a 9 to 5 daily routine". At Live Immortal we take that to heart by working hard and making the time to play hard!! Please join us in sharing your passion by tagging your photos 

# l i v e i m m o r t a l and 

# l i v e l i f e u n a f r a i d on your next adventures.