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About Us


Our journey began with a father and son on a three day hike to Middle Sister in Oregon. Though the path up was long, the weather was beautiful, nature inviting, and it provided ample opportunity to bond with my son. This memory is immortalized with a photo with my son and me. Even though this is one of my pinnacle memories with my boy, when I look at the photo in following years, it felt as though something was missing. Though we had prepared our adventure with the proper gear, our clothing – while performance qualified – lacked the excitement and character that I wanted to connect with our adventure.

Looking around, I realized that performance clothing was incredibly simple and gave what should be an exciting time in our life an almost pale recollection within our photos. Sold color choices and oddly placed sewing just didn’t cut it. The apparel choice we had didn’t inspire me to put it on, get up, and get outdoors. My outdoor apparel shirt didn’t feel like my “lucky” shirt. I wanted to have performance apparel that inspired a remembrance of my adventures. Clothing that would take me back to those intense mountain bike (MTB) dirt trails, crashing through river rapids, or even the steady pace of a hike up a mountain side with my son. With creativity stirring, we began this journey toward LIVE IMMORTAL®️.

Being raised in Hawaii, gave me a foundation to seek thrills with my ohana. Living in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), provided ample area to play in. Yet my clothing choices were uncomfortable, despite their designer price tags, and in pictures we were faded within groups, lacking that vibrancy which adventures are made of. This is where the brand name LIVE IMMORTAL®️ came from – a desire for remembrance, a continuation of those adventures, a form of immortalization. Having a design on my performance clothes made me feel good and happy. We all want to have an awesome adventure!  Why not wear something you’ll love? Why not choose something that speaks to who you are? Something that says “here I am, remember the last adventure we took together? Let’s go out and find another!”

How we live today will determine how we are immortalized in the future. The company’s motto, Live Life Unafraid®️, came from my previous spouse. We had a company name but lacked a motto. We wanted something catchy, naturally, but we also wanted it to be something that really spoke about not only our desires but the desires of our customers. With 

Live Life Unafraid®️ we are living life without fears holding us back and enjoying every minute of it. The quality, detail, and craftsmanship that we place on each article of clothing we assemble is the BEST performance material available on the market. We love our brand of clothing and we love our adventures!!™️ So what are you waiting for?

Shawn H. Tamasaka,